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Orbittree India Pvt. Ltd. is the best laser engraving machine manufacturer and supplier of fast and precise laser engraver.


Our Objective

Orbittree India Pvt. Ltd. is the best laser engraving machine manufacturer and supplier of fast and precise laser engraver. Laser engravers are the best systems to engrave the material or metal. The machine uses the laser as an engraving tool and Co2 as a laser source, to produce a permanent, crisp and a highly detailed mark without actually touching the material.

            ORBIT TREE LASER, as a specialist manufacturer of marking machines & tools, is in the field of industrial marking solutions. Indentation stamping has been widely accepted method for marking data such as part name, serial numbers, company logo, batch no. etc on products & finished components. Apart from facilitating easy identification for stocking, replacement & repair. Neatly marked products suggest “Quality” to the potential buyers, improves brand loyalty & Reliability and therefore ensures purchases.

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Interchangeable Steel Types

Perfect for part- numbering and specifications marking of steel, aluminiums, brass, etc. High tool life. Reduces production downtime. 

Types made from high quality tool steel treated to hardened and tempered for high wear resistance retaining toughness at the same time. All dimensions to very close tolerances, for the clearest uniform impression when several types are assembled together.

Impact Press

hese Impact Presses are different from the conventional Fly Presses and Arbor Presses. The Impact Press is a press in which the actual impact which acts on the job does not depend on the pressure exerted by the operator while actuating the lever, The mechanical advantage ratio achieved is more than 175. So, however lightly you pul the handle lever, the pressure that you get on the job is consistent. This leads to instant forming of the job as per your requirement and a uniform finish. 

High Precision Stamp Marks

Customs- made with total fidelity to every logo. Produced from large scale calligraphy drawing to capture every tiny detail of any logo. High wear resistance and lasting precision to ensurethe longest life of stamp mark. Scientific heat treatment imparted for prolonged service life.

Roll Marking Machine

Ideal for marking cylindrical (solid or hollow) Components of steel, Aluminum brass, etc -using Perfect Interchangeable Steel Types and Marking Dies. Perfect for marking such specific components as : drills, taps, engine valves, spark plugs, cutting tools, diamonds tools, bushes, nozzles, sanitary fittings. hose end fittings, gas lighters, Out standing

Benefits :

Low set up time. | Easy operations. High output rates.

| Robust construction. | Low costs (uses standard tooling)

Rotary type numerator

Perfect time-saver for repeat number by hand stamping. Serial numbers part numbers, or code numbers can be marked on steel, aluminium, brass, etc. Compact design, so it can be carried to mark components. Ideal for steel producers. ‘Markign wheels’ can be rotated to any desired position, then locked positively by a locking pin.



  • Automation Industry sectors (CNC, VMC,HMC,SPM machines, Orbit Tree laser products)
  • Aerospace - Radio & Satellite PCBs
  • Consumer Electronic PCBs
  • Textile industry sectors( Power Looms / Airjet, Jacquard)
  • Industrial Grade PCB
  • Maritime PCBs
  • Medical PCBs
  • Automobile Industry (Power relays, ECL/ECU control modules, Digital displays)
  • Military & Defence PCBs
  • Telecom PCBS